Ladies of Newport Pagnell and Milton Keynes

Ladies of Newport Pagnell and Milton Keynes

Are you ready to kick start your new fitness programme in time for summer?

Have you ever wanted to try Dance Fitness Classes but worried about not having any rhythm?

Held back from trying a class because you don’t know anyone?

Worried what people will think of you?

Not sure your fitness is up to doing a class?

Feel insecure about your health and body?

You’re not TOTALLY NOT alone!

Put the negativity in the trash and get ready to make summer 2019 the best time for your fitness yet!
At Fitness Milton Keynes we have loads of fab like minded people who were worried about shaking their GLOW STICKS in front of new peoples but who are now well at home in our lil fitness famalam, and keep coming back to our classes week after week because they have soooo much fun!
Upping your fitness does not mean hours of mundane gym work or being shouted at by a military type instructor.
Getting fit can be a ton of fun with Fitness Milton Keynes with our fantastic classes offering you support, friendship and loads of laughs.
And let’s face it, when better to commit to getting fit than just before the summer arrives

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Here is what some of our ladies are saying right now…


Vicks – 42 Clubbercise Fanatic, Newport Pagnell

icon Life wouldn’t be the same without my midweek Clubbercise fix #Iloveit! It’s a fantastic work out, although it doesn’t feel like it because you are so busy singing your heart out and dancing to great 90’s club tunes. The class is accessible to everyone as Kelly always gives us you low and higher impact moves so you can decide how hard you work. Kelly is very friendly, welcoming and makes us giggle. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do all the dance moves, but it really doesn’t matter as long as you keep moving and waggling your glow sticks! My only warning is that it leaves you absolutely buzzing and wanting to go clubbing on a school night!

Gabrialla – 29 Recycling Manager, Milton Keynes

icon Absolutely loved it! Great atmosphere, friendly people and Kelly – I didn’t know what to expect and was positively surprised. Recommend to everyone who wants to get in shape while having a good time.It really feels like a party!!!


Sarah – 34 Mum, Olney

It was my first time back to classes after a long break off last night and can I had a fantastic time! I have definitely got the bug back!! And everyone was so friendly! I can’t make it next week but the week after I will be back and I can’t wait!!

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