Exercise Inspiration for a #STRONGer2017

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STRONG by Zumba™


Music-Led HIIT Workout STRONG By Zumba™ is gaining popularity each and every day and the reviews are in: this class is a hit (pun intended)! Here’s what the press are saying about this brand new program:

“We did pushups. We did planks. We boxed. We lunged. We did basically every move that you’ve ever done in a HIIT workout, but instead of wanting to die the entire time, we actually had a blast…Think of it this way: If a HIIT bootcamp had a baby with a night out at the club, you’d wind up with STRONG by Zumba.”

Check out what the world is saying….

Hello! Magazine
“It’s just you, the music, and a dozen+ hearts pounding as one. #STRONGbyZumba

“We can vouch for its effectiveness; even by our second STRONG by Zumba class we were able to recognise some of the songs and the coinciding moves, helping us to push through and complete challenging sets of push ups and burpees that we typically struggle with. Much more fun than counting through regimented sets.”

LA Times
“Every single movement is done in sync with the music (which leans electronic but incorporates hip-hop, Latin, and other genres), so if it’s a burpee, you’re putting your hands on the floor on the beat, hopping feet out on next, in on the next, and jumping on the next. It keeps everyone moving together seamlessly—and utilizes a lot more muscle than in your average dance cardio class, without sacrificing the rhythm.”

Classes are every Thursday 7pm

STRONG By Zumba™ with Fitness Milton Keynes
Green Park School Hall
Newport Pagnel


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